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8 April
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I admit, I have high standards for myself. If something I do isn't exactly the way I wanted it done or if there is some kind of error, I go crazy. I try my best not to do this to other people (99% of the time I don't), but sometimes I just say to myself "What on earth are these people thinking and how can they do this?". I'm not saying that I'm better than everybody else or people in general just suck, but sometimes I seriously wonder if I'm alone in thinking certain things or if others think like I do and I just haven't met these people yet. So before I go insane out of curiosity, you can go ahead and tell me. Here is a list of things people do that I really don't understand. You can also refer to it as the list of reasons why many teenagers are insecure about themselves. Who can really blame them when there are so many people doing things like judging people by what music they like?

Judge a person by just looking at them:
I've thought about this, and the only logical answer I could find as to why people do this is that they think any kind of difference is a bad thing. If a person isn't wearing a certain brand or style that isn't "In" does that make them any less of a person? To some people, it does. That's really dumb. What if they can't afford the lates shoes? Does that make them any less of a person? What if they dont like the shoes? Does that make them any less then you or I?

Stupid Lables:
If there's one thing that annoys me the most, it has to be people labeling themselves. So which "category" do you fit in? Prep? Punk? Goth? [insert name of other label here]? Ugh... it makes my head hurt just to think about it. Who came up with this stuff? Some insecure 12 year old trying to find their identity? Like how can you define "Punk"? I mean, people call Good Charlotte Punk. And for all of thoes people who go and dress "Punk" or "Goth", aren't you just following another stupid Lable. My friends are there own selves, as am I.

Lets face it. I have my opinions, you have yours. Lets just accept that and move on. I swear, so many people try to make you think what they think. I don't care if you don't like or do like something, and is it such a problem that you have to debate about it.

Chat Talk:
Ok. Let me get this across. I hate when people tYpE lIKe tHiS. Also, i hate when people talk like 'o i gtg ttyl' You were given a brain, please use it. I use some of these things, but not to a super consistancy. I will say 'u' or 'gtg' or 'brb' or 'bbl'