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3/17/05 08:10 pm

it's kinda' like a boiler

once you light the fire

you have no idea how hot it can really get


I did break my toe. I am sad, because it means no more DDR for a while. No more gym for a while aswell. I liked gym, because we were playing European Handball, which is fun.

3/15/05 07:08 pm

I got my hair cut. When I flip it out, it gives me the 'rocker' look. All I need is to be on stage, and I would totally fit the look.

I like it better long, but it looks good nonetheless.

A 4 lb weight fell on my toe, so it hurts. But, I'm sure it will be better in the morning.

If you havn't seen Big Fish, I highly recommend you do so. See if you can find all of the metaphors on life

3/14/05 10:18 pm

I find it weird how Long Island is Orthrodonture-Crazy.

3/11/05 11:03 pm - as I look back, I often find myself wondering

I just went on a walk, despite the fact it was very cold.

On the way back, I stopped to stare at a big grey/white rock close to my house. I thought back to when I was little. My friends and I would try to sit on the rock, and push each other off. We would fall in the soft dirt and laugh our carefree lives away. I noticed how small the rock seems now, but it is still an important part of my life.

It doesn't seem so long ago.

3/10/05 09:06 pm - Everyone's heart doesn't beat the same.

I did things today! Don't read if you don't want to know.

I had bass lessons, and I am learing Sonata in E Minor. It is hard, but I will probably have it perfected by mid-april. Well, I will hopefully have it perfected by mid-april. Haha.

I went to Starbucks again. It has been a Starbucks-filled week. I love coffee, but it isn't all that good for you. Then again, what is in this day and age?

Melissa wants me to join a band with her. I really don't like bands that much, they take the fun out of playing. Plus, I really wouldn't join a band with Melissa.

3/9/05 10:00 pm - as the day continues, i often find myself wondering

My dad was being a prick, so I called Peter. Apparently, he was at starbucks. I asked if I could join him, and he said t'was okay. I was going to walk, but my dad freaked out and drove me. That saved me about 55 minutes. Anyways, Peter was upset about Alex, so I tried to comfort him. It worked. Then, I got the fruit salad and started eating it. We ended up trying to throw the fruit in our mouths, but it kept on hitting our faces or the floor. He taught me a song on the guitar, and we listened to Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven. Great song.

3/9/05 06:12 pm

I went with my mom to starbucks, and it was really great. We had a good time talking, and we are close.




I HATE my dad.

How can he do the things he does and not think twice?

3/9/05 02:58 pm - Today was ___(d)____ (a) good (b) bad (c) weird (d) all of the above

I got to school at 9, coffee in hand and ready to be dragged through a boring day. I had 22 minutes to get to class, so I was in no rush. Then, there is an announcement for the 9th and 10th graders to go to the cafeteria, and the 11th and 12th granders to go in the auditorium. Only about half of the teachers were in, so they had to round up a bunch of substitutes. They stuck us in the caf for an hour. Then, they put us in the gym for another 20 minutes, and then sent us off to class. We didn't do anything today. I slept in math, history, and english.

Peter stole my shoes, and threw me his shoes. They are steel-toed boots, uber huge, and 4 lbs each (he has weighed them). So, I had to walk around with his shoes from periods 6-9.

After school, we all hang out in 'our' spot. I couldn't stay after with Mr. Couter to make up a test, so I ran to his room and told him I had to go. I came back down (no more then 30 seconds later) and everyone was mad at each other. I have no idea what happened with Alex and Peter (but I am guessing Alex started to bitch about something because she tries to control Peter, and Peter didn't oblige, so she PMSed.) The other thing was that Ann Marie (a bitch, an ugly bitch at that, who we think is a lesbian and we all hate her, except for Alex) had told Nicole that Ben hates her. Nicole said "Well have Ben say it to my face." and Ben said "Nicole I dont hate you." and then Ann Marie had went out and yelled at Nicole "You made all the fights happen!"

When I asked Alex if she was okay, she was snotty and said "I don't want to talk about it with YOU." and then Ann Marie came up and said "Back away, back away" and put her arm out in front of me. She is 5-zip and an anorexic italian. I am 5'4'', so although I am not tall, I am taller then her. So, I push her away, and tell her "Touch me again, and I will beat the living shit out of you." (I wasn't in the greatest of moods, and she is a crack whore anyway who diserves to die. If I could put her out of her misery, I would do it in the most painful way possible.)

I am going to rant about Ann Marie now. She used to be in dance class with me, and I was always better then her. The teacher would always point out what a good job I was doing. She was always jeleous according to my other friends in dance. I quit dance after nine years, but it was probably that repressed childhood memory that makes her hate me. Or, she possibly hates me because of me, but I am used to that. She thinks she is really 'popular', but she is really hated. She thinks she is pretty, but she is butt-ugly. She smells a little. She is just... an annoying, cocky, smelly, vulgar, self-centered slut ass bitch. People like her make people like me angry.

Moving on. I push her away, and then walk away as she tries to act all cool. I talk to Sarah, Ben, and Peter. Peter is all sad. Goddamnit, he and Alex need to break up. Alex, that stupid minipulative bitch, likes someone else. It is sooo obvious. I noticed it before Sarah told me I was right (Alex told Sarah she like Kenny.) She is very controling over Peter, but he avoids it. Well, for the most part. After all, he still is friends with me.


3/9/05 07:00 am - That is quite lovely, but don't you think this would be better

Woohoo! Delayed start! They probably couldn't get the bus door open, becuase everyone was outside this morning chizziling their doors open with picks and de-icers and such. I don't know if I need to go do Peter's hair this morning or not, I suppose I will have to call him later.

The frost valley field trip was cancled (where the kids go to upstate NY and hike and do nature hunts for 3 days, it is really dumb, but it does get you out of school). I can't go because I am not in honors science (Which I should be, but Mr. Bense didn't reccomend me. My average was a 97!!!) So, they are all pissed. I am mad too, becuase 3 of my teachers were going on the trip, and it would have been free periods. Oh well.

3/8/05 10:24 pm

I didn't get to finish writing the entry before this, and sorry about the typo's I made. I had to run off the computer before I could fix them.

My new shoes were a hit in school. Random people came up to me telling me my shoes were cool. That was interesting. But, I do a lot of things that people love to comment on. I suppose it is a good thing, but it does get annoying.

High school love. I am sick of it. The fervor people feel in high school is ludicrous. People fall in love over a kiss, people have sex, teen mothers. It makes me wonder how much of an imbecilic person you really need to be to believe in this. In high school, it is not true love. It is 'puppy love'. It is not supposed to be passionatly worshiping this lover.

A kiss is only a kiss. To people today, it means so much more.

People need to be ready for the harsh punch that is reality. When a girl/boy breaks up with you, what did you really expect? Your love was not the apotheosis of love. It is no different then anyone elses high school love. Sure, there are some people who go on to get married, but it probably will not be you.

Get a grip on reality.
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